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Basic Meditation Class

Sunday January 19th, 11-12pm — $ Donation Only

Self Healing Sanctuary will be hosting its first ever meditation class at the introductory level. At Unique Image we have been on our own spiritual journeys. They’ve taken us around the world, to powerful healers, holy places, sacred ceremonies, to pockets of communities who live and work for personal and global wellness, and utlimately back to ourselves.

We want to bring our experiences with self healing practice to our clients and community. Please join us for this informational class, no experience with meditation needed at all! This is a chance for you to get your feet wet.

The spiritual path is a never ending one. We are all students, no matter how “advance” our practices may be. Beginning a dialogue with fellow students is a great way to enter into awareness of your path. To see that you’ve been traveling on it the whole time.

Hope to see you soon! Classes will be every other sunday.

Peace and blessings.


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