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Professional Senior Portraits in Asheville, North Carolina

Class of 2018, now is your year!

Traveling to the Botanical Gardens at Asheville was such a treat! Keeping a beautiful garden in Mullica Hill was a yearly tradition for me in New Jersey. My gardens are the backdrop for thousands of unforgettable portraits. So naturally, I gravitated to this sprawling, verdant botanical garden in my new home of Asheville, North Carolina. And it did not disappoint!

Asheville Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to have the kind of sessions that make your portraits thrive. Working within nature, playing with natural light, is a true joy and specialty of mine. These natural settings also provide a special opportunity for your senior portraits.

Break the barrier of a traditional backdrop in senior portraits and express your individuality. This is a time of choices, with your final months of high school ending, and a world of possibilities opening up at your feet. What makes choices easier is knowing yourself.

Fine art portraits are pieces of you captured in a moment in time. Take this moment and be bold! Now is the time to show the world who you are, and greet it daring to be yourself.


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