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  • Maria Martins

    I'm a traveler, portraitist, and a lover of nature and all its mysteries. For 30 years I have helped create magical moments for families through fine art portraiture. I look forward to continuing my work by helping you capture your next timeless portrait!

    Asheville | Avalon | West Palm

It’s that time of year again—finally! Spring is just weeks away, filled with new possibilities and growth. But this time around our little ones are not so little anymore.

This milestone occasion for you and your child is a blessing worthy of being captured. Treasure this special moment for a lifetime, with timeless portraits that will not fade with the passing years. Our professional portraits expertly capture the essence of the subject, the feeling of the occasion, and the artful composition of Fine Art Portraiture.

Children like to have fun, and at this age their personalities have developed profoundly. We know how it is. Unique Image Photography provides a relaxed environment where children are encouraged to be themselves. The atmosphere on the farm is inviting, playful, and nurturing to unique spirits.

The best portraits are the ones where the personality is allowed to shine through, and at Unique Image we love capturing that magical moment. To schedule your Holy Communion Portrait Session, please call the studio at (856)478-6990.


“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” – Lloyd Alexander

Photography is a fun and creative medium for producing fantastic artwork. It’s a collaboration of many talents. For the subject, it’s hair, makeup, clothing, posture, and attitude. And then it’s the environment, the props, the composition and the layout for your portrait. And finally the work of the photographer, capturing a harmony of visual effort to bring back to the studio for polishing and presenting. The combined creativity of all involved is what makes Portrait Art so incredible!

These portraits tell a story. In fact, they tell several, depending on who is enjoying them. It’s our job as artists to create work that gives the viewer something to hold onto. It can be a fantasy story, a moment captured in time, or just a feeling. We are happy to hold a space for your creative desires. Let’s make the fantasy a reality.

Call the Studio Today (856)478-6990


Did you know that the school’s photographer is not the only option for your Senior Portrait drape or tux photo? At Unique Image Photography we slow the process down and give you the time and attention that will give you the best portrait possible. Stand out amongst the hundreds of other photos in the yearbook. Let this be an opportunity to present yourself on YOUR terms.

We also submit the portrait you choose to the yearbook for you. We’ve submitted photos to so many schools over the years, including: Seneca, Washington Township, Moorestown, Clearview, Kingsway, Lenape, and more! Call today to schedule your session (856)478-6990.


It’s our honor to announce that the brilliant and beautiful Jacqueline won Most Photogenic in the Miss Coed 2015 Pageant. She’s such a kind, generous young woman and proceeded to thank us for the work we did with her portrait at our studio. It runs in the family because her mother also left us the sweetest message on our Facebook page this morning. But a portrait is nothing without its subject, and a great portrait is created with an even greater subject.

The message I would like to give to anyone who has considered getting a portrait taken of themselves is this: Don’t fear your greatness! So many of us spend a lot of our time not believing in ourselves, unsure of our worth, and even ingratiating ourselves to others because we don’t feel we deserve recognition. STOP.

We want you to own your greatness, and we want to create portraits for you that represent you at your best. Do you know why? Because there is no need to be afraid. It may take that one photo of you to realize that greatness and that uniqueness only you possess. And we will be happy to deliver that to you.


  “The soul of sweet delight, can never be defiled.”- William Blake, Romantic Era Poet

Early morning walks here in the meadow inspire me. I was thinking today how important it is to be awestruck, and how healthy it is to be humbled by the beauty that surrounds us. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” So this summer I ask you to Be Inspired.

There are so many incredible scenes to shoot here and the meadow is only one of them. The meadow provides a rich backdrop for a portrait, transporting you to a secluded sanctuary that feels other-wordly. It’s the perfect space to catch the soft, warm light in the magic hour, with the tall grasses illuminated by sunlight. This scene is ideal for family portraits.

We want you to feel inspired here. So much work goes into making this place a sanctuary, and it only fufills its true purpose when shared. For your own Design Consultation please call the studio (856)478-6990.

Make Love Your Goal