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The Soul of Sweet Delight: Family Portraits in Mullica Hill, NJ

  “The soul of sweet delight, can never be defiled.”- William Blake, Romantic Era Poet

Early morning walks here in the meadow inspire me. I was thinking today how important it is to be awestruck, and how healthy it is to be humbled by the beauty that surrounds us. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” So this summer I ask you to Be Inspired.

There are so many incredible scenes to shoot here and the meadow is only one of them. The meadow provides a rich backdrop for a portrait, transporting you to a secluded sanctuary that feels other-wordly. It’s the perfect space to catch the soft, warm light in the magic hour, with the tall grasses illuminated by sunlight. This scene is ideal for family portraits.

We want you to feel inspired here. So much work goes into making this place a sanctuary, and it only fufills its true purpose when shared. For your own Design Consultation please call the studio (856)478-6990.

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