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Special Mother’s Day Highlights: Maternity Portraits

Mamas, you’re positively glowing!

The happiness of an expectant mother produces such a lovely radiance. Expecting mothers are absolutely gorgeous! They bear a beauty that’s embellished by a proud smile and loving glow, transforming the woman that was into the Mother that will be. You have a special opportunity to witness the uniqueness of this beauty and to cherish it.

They are carrying a little life in their body, participating in one of the oldest and most universal rites we have as living beings and as women. This is something to celebrate graciously in whatever way that you can. One of the simplest ways being to furnish an artful rendering of this special time with professional portraits.

And we don’t want to leave the father’s out! This time is special for everyone involved. Bringing the significant other into the portrait creates a whole new scene, one that is intimate and evocative, creating a portrait that truthfully expresses the love you have for each other.

Embrace the miracle that is happening right before your eyes, and honor it as an everlasting art-piece.


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