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Turning Earth into Gold

We accomplished so much this past Sunday with a lot of special help from friends old and new. It was the perfect sunny day to get our hands and toes dirty in the garden. The animals were out with us, grazing under the warm blue skies, watching us curiously as we poured compost (made with their help!) into the raised beds.

Looking out at the vacant plots of dark soil and envisioning the delicious fruits and veggies that will soon grow there reminded me of a beautiful quote from Sufi mystic Rumi: “Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise.”

A transformation happens on this farm when the days get longer and the nights get warmer. Life peeks out from every stone and every leaf, quietly guiding us as we work the soil, water the roots, and see with our clearest sight the potential of the land gifted to us. There’s even the feeling of magic in the air. A white unicorn neighs from a deep corner of the field, someone searches for faeries in the tall yellow grasses, and a baby goat takes off in acrobatic flight.

So much is happening at the farm this year, with so many more ideas to follow. We’d love you to join the community being built here and see the magic for yourself. Even contributing to the alchemical process of turning earth into gold.

Be well.


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