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The Heart of a Mother; Portrait of Sisters Playing in Mom’s Wedding Dress

Not all of us step into the shoes of our mother’s (or her wedding dress!), but knowing who she is aside from just “mom” brings us closer to her in much deeper ways. Sometimes that understanding brings us closer to who we are, and even more surprisingly to who we want to become.

What makes this photo session so special is the sisters playing with the dress together. We travel back in time with them to their mother’s wedding day. Through their joking and giggling the room is transported to the moment when their aunt stood beside their mother as her matron of honor. This experience of recreating a joyous moment shared between sisters is a priceless treasure. The session also took our minds to the future. We see the sisters together and can clearly envision that one day they will stand like this together again. For all of us at the studio, we were moved by the session and are so grateful to have been a part of creating this deeply layered series of portraits.

Make Love Your Goal

The very foundation of our studio is built upon this simple phrase. It is incumbent that we hold each individual session to the highest standards of creativity and portraiture. Our goal is to provide you with work that not only hangs like art upon your wall but also touches your heart. To have a design consultation for your next unique portrait please call (856)478-6990.


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