Thank you for viewing my website.
I have been capturing magical moments from behind my camera for as long as I can remember. I started my journey as a portrait artist 
30yrs ago on a small farm in Mullica Hill NJ.
The greatest moment in my career was when I looked into the eyes of a child and they spoke to me, with no sound, no judgement, just being in the moment with them. Beautiful moments like those are worth remembering for a lifetime! 
I love being able to make a difference, to contribute, and to grow.
I have dedicated my service to charities of all kinds and love having the opportunity to help others. I am always willing to help.
My gift from God is my ability to capture the essence of the human spirit with all its emotions. To be able to transcend photography into artistry by painting with light, which then transforms photographs into timeless masterpieces.
I have been blessed with an amazing life. To interact with wonderful people, and to live in gratitude everyday to be surrounded by this beautiful world and emersed in nature.
 I'm thankful everyday for the freedom to create a work of art for you.
It's my true passion.
Looking forward to creating your next moment in time.